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No. Category Title Posted by Date View Rocommend Rate
Notice Chuseok Holiday Notice Beauty Box Korea 2023-09-26 18 0 0points
New membership Discount, Free Gift & More! Beauty Box Korea 2015-10-09 24833 26 0points
$3 or More Reward Point for your Feedback Beauty Box Korea 2015-10-19 8740 27 0points
3 Looking for BBK partners! 2022-04-27 1074 0 0points
2 Automatically cancel the unavailable items when there is no response by e-mail. 2020-10-13 2848 0 0points
1 ACCOUNT INFO. for BANK TRANSACTION Beauty Box Korea 2016-04-14 5897 16 0points


Order inquiry

Title Date
Inquiries About the Curre 2023-09-25
Inquiries About the Curre 2023-09-23
Inquiries About the Curre 2023-09-19
Inquiries About the Curre 2023-09-14
Inquiries About the Curre 2023-09-10

Product Request

Title Date
Green tea latte New message 2023-09-29
Mood In Blue Pants 2023-09-27
Mood In Blue Top 2023-09-27
Mood In Blue Jacket 2023-09-27
Mood In Blue Corduroy Jac 2023-09-27

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